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#10: Vocabulary is key to advancing your investor life. It’s also important for attracting the right people so that you can form the right relationships.

Learn how these terms are defined in a clear way, used in an example, and also how you might use them in a sentence.

Listen to this week’s show and learn:

02:16  Keith comes to you from Los Angeles, CA today. Many investing shows assume that you already know the “language of investing”. But if you don’t first learn these basic terms, you could get left behind. 

05:32  Arbitrage. 

07:37  Cash Flow. This includes the meaning and significance of “V-I-M-T-M”.

10:05  Cash-On-Cash Return.

11:39  Capitalization (Cap) Rate. This includes a key explanation of why Cap Rate does not include your mortgage cost.

16:28  Commercial Loan.

19:06  Dividend.

20:53  Equity.

21:37  FICO Score.

22:42  Inflation.

24:22  Interest, Interest Rate.

24:46  $K.

25:28  Liquid, Liquidity.

27:11  Superhero Syndrome.


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