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#100: How to measure your wealth, a fun retrospective of the first 100 episodes, and a visit from GRE’s Business Developer John Collins.

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Listen to this week’s show and learn:

03:25  Let’s measure your wealth. Right now. Here’s how.

06:12  Favorite GRE mantras and catchphrases.

09:16  How to increase your wealth. Determine your “PPY” and convert equity to cash flow.

13:02  Traffic and commuting. Appreciate what you’ve already got while you expand.

17:58  A memorable look back at some noteworthy GRE episodes.

28:31  GRE’s John Collins appears.

33:07  Real estate’s advantages and five profit centers.

34:16  Awareness of outdated investment paradigms.  

35:05  Nearly every dollar you spend is related to real estate.

37:40  If you wait until you’re old to be gratified, did you win?

38:50  Sabbaticals.

43:30  Exposure to fresh ideas multiplies you in “unthought of” ways.


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