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#103: Tom Wheelwright is a tax genius and regular contributor here. He’s the Founder and CEO of ProVision Wealth, which prepares Keith’s tax returns.

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Listen to this week’s show and learn:

04:04  Every dollar of your income is either taxable or not taxable.

08:08  How you are double and triple-taxed.

09:59  How tax depreciation works for real estate investors.

13:33  Cost segregation.

16:10  Why Donald Trump won’t release his tax return.

20:14  Here’s when you start a tax and asset protection strategy.

23:40  Holding your real estate in an LLC vs. “S” Corp.

25:55  IRS audits and taking deductions.

28:06  Garrett Sutton.

29:40  Picking the wrong lawyer.

32:48  Audit prevention: 1) Documentation. 2) Competent tax preparer. 3) Don’t talk to the IRS.


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