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#106: With enough passive income to meet your living expenses, you can potentially quit your job. GRE’s Business Developer John Collins just quit his job. He tells us how it feels.

Keith brings you the show from Ontario, Canada today.

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Listen to this week’s show and learn:

02:38  How close are you to quitting your job? The PPY.

05:42  A metaphor about life being the journey, not the destination.

07:40  If the Dow Jones rises from 19,000 to 20,000 points, that’s NOT a gain!

10:41  With zero financial education, stocks are better than real estate. With some education, real estate is better.

12:08  Monthly property management statements.

15:50  The jet pilot.

19:12  GRE’s John Collins quit his job that paid $100K-$200K per year.

22:47  Overcoming fear of leaving the job.

24:32  Nothing dispels fear like education; social connections.

28:48  Altering your life structure.

32:35  Do you still know when it’s “Payday” at your employer?

36:40  Feel of the “corporate-ocracy.”

39:09  With more passive income, here’s how you’ll begin thinking differently than your co-workers.

41:15  Entrepreneurship is not for everybody. “Turnkey job.”


Resources Mentioned:

Book: “Pivot” by Jenny Blake

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