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#113: You can be a lender instead of a borrower with Mortgage Note Investing. Real estate is your collateral, securing your loan.

Why would you want to give a loan to someone that can’t qualify for a bank loan? David Campbell from Hassle-Free Cash Flow Investing tells us why and how.

9-10% cash-flowing rates of return are common. Compared to buy-and-hold RE investing, this is more liquid, less risky, and incurs lower transaction costs.

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Listen to this week’s show and learn:

07:05  Why now is a good time to move chips from the equity side to the debt side.

10:48  Mortgage Note Investing is also similar to terms like “Hard Money Lending,” or “Private Lending.” Also, discussion of Mortgage vs. Deed Of Trust.

15:45  Buy notes where the borrower has 20-25%+ equity in the property.

23:02  Mortgage Notes provide higher cash flows, less risk, more liquidity, lower transaction costs compared to owning real property.

26:47  Example on a $75,000 mortgage.

34:50  Use your IRA or HELOC to create arbitrage.

36:38  Knowing good from bad, and avoiding fraud.

43:14  Turn your equity into cash flow.


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