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#116: Rich Dad Advisor Tom Wheelwright says that the U.S. could become a tax haven.

We discuss other potential tax changes that President-Elect Donald Trump will make.

Keith also recaps what happened in financial markets this year: real estate, stocks, gold, inflation, dollar index, interest rates and more.

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Listen to this week’s show and learn:

01:42  This year: real estate up, stocks up, gold & silver up, dollar index even, interest rates up, inflation up, autonomous cars hit streets, Chinese yuan into IMF, Brexit, Trump election.

06:36  Robert Kiyosaki and Harry Dent predictions.

09:48  Donald Trump parallels with Ronald Reagan. No individual income tax reform in first term.

12:53  Tax rates won’t go up next year. Oil & gas tax benefits will be retained or expanded.

14:11  Carried interest.

17:59  Trump’s company lobbied for the “real estate professional” tax designation.  

21:28  Limit on itemized deductions coming?

23:32  Expect U.S. corporate taxes to be lowered down from 35%.

28:25  Trump wants a 15% “business tax rate.” Amnesty.

30:03  Why is the U.S. successful with such high corporate tax rates? 

31:10  Tom Wheelwright: The U.S. could become a tax haven!

32:37  How will we pay for tax reduction? Not growth, but even more debt.

34:08  Financial crash implications.

36:52  Here’s how you can act now.

40:37  Keith: Let’s lower tax rates, and increase the number of taxpayers.


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