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#118: What’s your risk tolerance? Keith discusses risk with mortgage loans for 1-4 unit properties, then for apartment building loans.

Later, Marco Santarelli joins Keith to tell you why they believe that real estate is the best asset class compared to stocks, businesses, commodities, and cash.

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Listen to this week’s show and learn:

01:37  Should you get a 30-year mortgage loan or 15-year?

05:02  Risk with apartment building loans - balloon terms, interest-only loans, prepayment penalties.

11:31  Keith’s personal habits and faults.

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18:51  Marco Santarelli interview begins. “Why real estate?”

22:03  Real estate provides five profit centers at the same time.

23:00  What is an asset class?

25:24  Paper assets.

27:08  Stock dividends, options trading.

28:59  Commodities.

30:43  Investing in businesses.

34:18  Real estate investing.

35:32  Liquidity, control, passivity, stability.

37:20  Cash’s importance for emergencies, opportunity to fund a deal.


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