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#125: Your passive income streams are durable to the extent that they’re diversified.

Specialty agriculture can realize spectacular gains as the world’s amount of arable land diminishes. At the same time there are more mouths to feed.

There is a massive undersupply of fine cacao for the world's strong market demand.

Chocolate is derived from the cacao tree. Quality cacao thrives in the stable Central American nation of Belize. Finished products include gourmet chocolate and cacao butter.

You can realize a cash flow stream from the annual harvest of the cacao beans, and it's all managed for you.

Learn about the returns, risks, cacao supply vs. demand, and more.

Keith hosts today’s show from Anchorage, Alaska.

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Listen to this week’s show and learn:

01:40  Durable wealth means having multiple diverse income streams.

03:12  Cacao (chocolate) farm investing in Belize.

05:00  Panama coffee farm parcel investing update.

07:01  Cacao farming business model.

09:11  Why Belize was chosen for cacao crops.

11:21  Supply vs. Demand for fine-flavored cacao.

16:05  Chocolate is a proven product with sustainable demand.

22:20  What a cacao farm looks like.

28:29  Risks.

31:48  $24,500 per half-acre parcel. Investors need not be accredited, no loans, 11-12% cash return expected over time (not including potential land appreciation). IRA funds eligible.

36:13  Exit strategy.

38:42  Proven product, stable government, secure, turnkey managed, social benefit.

41:53  Attend a cacao farm tour.

43:43  Cacao trees produce fruit regardless of how financial markets perform.

44:40  Nationalism.

45:50  Provider track record, and retaining local labor.

48:20  Learn more at


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