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#127: You are invested in a zero-return investment. Home Equity is unsafe, illiquid, and its rate of return will always be zero. Then why are you so heavily invested in home equity?

We discuss strategies to turn this around, and use home equity as a wealth-builder for you.

Making extra mortgage principal payments on one’s home is usually a terrible idea.

Striving to be debt-free often prevents one from becoming financially-free. You'll see why.

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Listen to this week’s show and learn:

03:57  ROI.

04:28  Turnkey income property inventory keeps tightening.

06:33  You have money that you didn’t know you have.

07:35  Your value as a listener.

12:04  How much of a zero-return investment would you want?

13:44  Debt-Free vs. Financially-Free.

17:01  Property equity is unsafe, illiquid, and has zero rate of return.

20:18  Equity transfers.

24:46  Making extra principal payments on one’s home.

26:55  “Feelings.”

27:32  30-year fixed vs. 15-year fixed amortizing mortgage loans.

34:56  Control.

41:51  HELOCs.


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