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#129: Dallas, TX could be the strongest real estate market in the entire U.S. as it keeps experiencing staggering business, job, and population growth.

In fact, Forbes has named Dallas, TX as the #1 place to invest in 2017.

But if you live outside Dallas-Fort Worth, how do you capture the upside yourself? With turnkey single-family income property.

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Listen to this week’s show and learn:

02:50  Texas has had great economic fortune for decades. Geopolitical Strategist Peter Zeihan tells us that this will continue.

04:18  Dallas-Fort Worth’s astounding population growth.

05:16  Why to invest in single-family homes rather than apartment buildings.

09:55  In a hot market, have a relationship with a team that can get housing inventory.

12:03  Competing for housing inventory. Targeting 7%+ cash-on-cash return.

15:31  Product type: SFHs with minimum of 3 BR, 2 BA, 2-car garage.

17:14  Don’t “over-improve.” Examples.

20:30  What type of person invests in turnkey real estate? Busy people.

22:38  In-house property management.

25:58  The economies of scale advantage with contractors.

28:30  Averages: rent income $1,600 and sale price $170,000.

29:51  Investors have one point of contact.

31:18  Management companies propose solutions, not just pose problems.

32:30  April 21-23: Attend the upcoming Dallas Income Property Tour & Workshop.

34:45  High tenant quality.

36:05  Positive cash flow.

Resources Mentioned:

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