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#13: You, your investments, and your real estate will all soon be dramatically affected by the disruptive invention of driverless cars.

The good news? Today you can learn how to position yourself to make this innovation profitable for you.

Listen to this week’s show and learn:

01:15  Driverless cars, 3-D printing, and drones will dramatically affect you.

02:28  People often scoff at the notion of coming change. Then change comes fast.

05:14  It’s easy to forget that horse travel used to dominate American transportation.

07:37  The invention of the automobile populated the suburbs.

09:43  Today, many cities have more than half their area dedicated to streets and parking for cars.

13:16  Ride-sharing services like Uber have already diminished the demand for parking lot real estate.

14:12  Unused parking spaces and smaller roads are coming. This will change real estate values.

15:47  Most agree that driverless cars will be for sale to the public by 2020. This will improve your life.

21:32  Driverless cars will make some real estate more valuable, and some less valuable.

24:30  Why driverless cars may spell the demise of convenience stores.

25:45  Homes near public transportation may experience falling value with this new technology.

27:35  Why investing in automobile companies over the long-term may be dangerous.

30:07  Why buy-and-hold real estate investors must know what to avoid with this technology.


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