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#136: Get a pay raise from your employer with this innovative approach.

Also, increase your rental income with this technique. Learn how to raise the rent on your tenant without losing them. It starts with you thinking about how your tenant is thinking. Use this “3 Options Strategy”.

Think about your “Salary Reduction Plan” vs. your “Salary Increase Plan”. Don’t ask your boss for a raise. You’ll learn how to give yourself one.

Keith also has a fresh take on property management.  

Keith brings you today’s show from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

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Listen to this week’s show and learn:

01:32  Raise the rent on your tenants in this innovative way.

03:59  Lease Renewal Options Form - give your tenant three rent amount and duration options.

05:34  Justification for increasing your rent: higher property tax, hazard insurance, utility costs, etc.

08:39  Why a subtle 3-5% rent increase helps you more than you think.

10:23  How to get a pay raise from your employer.

13:14  Negative cash-flowing property: perspective.

17:56  Don’t even ask your boss for a raise.

23:55  Property Managers - you want one, but yet you don’t. Discussion.

26:45  Subway restaurant analogy.

30:54  How many income properties could you own if you self-managed?

32:36  Find the right income properties through:

Resources Mentioned:

Keith's Whiteboard Video: Cash Flow vs. Inflation


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