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You need money in order to trade it for time. You can’t trade anything other than money for time.

The housing inventory shortage will reach a peak before new construction can relieve the problem.

Paying rent is not like “throwing money away every month.” Keith breaks down the trade-offs between renting vs. owning your primary residence.

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Listen to this week’s show and learn:

01:34  Apartment buildings between 2 and 9 units are no longer being built as often.

06:06  The overall shortage of housing inventory for sale.

07:23  Feeling imprisoned in your own home due to low inventory, rising interest rates.

12:39  Housing builder confidence is up. More new construction.

14:00  There is currently income property inventory in Jacksonville, FL:

17:39  Why do you think you need to own a home?

18:57  Paying rent is “not throwing money away”. Here’s why.

20:04  16 tradeoffs between Renting vs. Buying your own home.

28:06  Time vs. Money.

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