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#142: Keith’s $530,000 four-plex dropped in value to $480,000 during the 2007-09 Mortgage Meltdown.

Lessons from the Housing Crisis of 2007-2009 still influence Keith’s investing today. Our guest, Damion Lupo, lost worse than Keith at this time. His $20M portfolio imploded.

Damion spent over a million dollars on seminars alone. He recklessly went all-out by purchasing 150 rental units across 7 states more than a decade ago - without regard for cash flow. It crashed.

Today, his firm, Total Control Financial, helps you control your financial future with self-directed IRA and Solo 401K services for optimized retirement planning.

Top takeaway: Buy for cash flow in stable economic metro markets.

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Listen to this week’s show and learn:

00:57  Keith’s $530,000 four-plex dropped in value to $480,000 in the 2007-09 Mortgage Meltdown.

15:37  If Damion could do it all over again, what would he do differently?

20:04  Harvesting equity.

24:29  Damion won’t do deals with people in their 20s.

26:30  The next crash.

34:14  Hard money loans.

42:25  Retirement.

49:26  Choose stable markets in the Midwest and South.

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