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#145: Financial advisors sell stocks. Buy-and-hold stock investing doesn’t create wealth, but financial advisors create the illusion that they do.

Today’s guest, Ntellivest’s Brent Sutherland, is a financial advisor that began successfully investing in cash-flowing real estate with 8 single-family properties.

Brent pulls back the curtain on what’s going on “behind the scenes” with financial advisors and their biased “advice”.

Really...what’s wrong with stocks?

Keith adds content about how and why buy-and-hold stocks don’t create wealth with five reasons: inflation, emotion, taxes, fees, and volatility. This is partly due to secondary market dilution.

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Listen to this week’s show and learn:

01:12  Why live anything less than a great life?

03:04  Hordes of people still believe that buy-and-hold stocks create wealth. What’s wrong with stocks?

05:41  The Nixon Shock, ERISA, and 1980s tax cuts.

10:52  Don’t build a budget.

16:00  Financial advisors’ pay structures don’t allow for recommending real estate.

17:27  Capital gains vs. income.

20:51  Can financial advisors get paid on performance?

24:29  Timing the market and emotion.

27:16  Real estate investing is not an “alternative”.

32:03  Your first income property cash flow check changes your life. Brent's $250-$300 monthly per property.

33:40  ROI.

38:06  Volatility.

41:32  Diversification.

43:34  401(k)s.

45:57  Today’s stock market valuations.

48:12  When do you fire your financial advisor?

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