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#15: Rich Dad Advisor Garrett Sutton provides knowledge with how to incorporate and protect your business and real estate interests.

Listen to this week’s show and learn:

06:33  Garrett tells us that one of the better US states for protecting one’s assets has now become more vulnerable to outside attacks.

06:59  More states’ courts are ruling against protection for single-member LLCs.

08:57  Garrett explains the importance and meaning of protecting your “corporate veil”.

11:56  How to protect oneself with a four-plex and FHA 3.5% down payment.

14:15  How to change an existing property from individual ownership to an LLC. What’s special about Wyoming LLCs and how you can use one.

17:42  Who is liable in a slip-and-fall case – the property owner or the property manager?

18:18  Umbrella Insurance.

20:34  Can one “overdo it” with too much asset protection?

22:53  Garrett’s real estate investing preferences.

25:16  What Garrett would tell a 27-year-old investing enthusiast today.

27:50  Tell Corporate Direct / Sutton Law you learned about them through Get Rich Education. You can speak with Garrett directly about your asset protection needs at 30 minutes for $175.


Resources mentioned: or 1-800-600-1760

Books: Loopholes Of Real Estate, Start Your Own Corporation.

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