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#155: Do what Amazon does. That is what you are doing when you invest passively in income property. But it’s easier than building a business like Amazon. 

Like Amazon Prime, your RE portfolio has a recurring income stream. Amazon provides society with non-discretionary items like household goods; RE investors provide society the non-discretionary household itself.

Today’s guest, Abhi Golhar of Real Estate Deal Talk, emphasizes why cash flow is king today. He is exiting many flips in order to purchase cash-flowing SFHs and multifamilies. He tells us why.

Abhi talks about “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”, how to select a mentor, and much more.

Abhi and I discuss real estate trends via geographics, demographics, and psychographics.

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Listen to this week’s show and learn:

00:50  Real estate investing is like Amazon’s success model, only easier. Here’s why.

04:38  “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”.

07:42  Buying and selling cars on eBay.

10:13  Following and choosing mentors.

18:37  The durability of real estate as it relates to caring for your body.

21:22  Freedom.

23:11  Real estate appreciation the last 5+ years.

26:34  Real estate geographics, demographics, and psychographics.

33:22  Abhi is exiting flips and purchasing buy-and-hold income property. Cash flow is king.

35:26  Responding to listener feedback, Get Rich Education’s new episodes will begin publishing four days sooner: Mondays hereafter, rather than Fridays.

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