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#164: It doesn’t take money to make money. It doesn't take YOUR money anyway.

Rich Dad Advisor Darren Weeks is a real estate investor, entrepreneur, and is an expert at raising capital from others in order to fund real estate deals.

He gives us the exact script that he uses for raising money from others.  A confused mind won’t buy. People only buy from you if they trust you and like you. He tells us how to quickly build this trust with strangers.

Darren finds people for funding real estate deals at dentist and teacher conventions.

Surprisingly, Darren also reveals that he has available capital for your deal right now - in case you’ve got one.

I discuss some ugly problems that I’ve had as a real estate investor this year, including homeless people squatting in one of my apartment buildings, and an eviction.

Near the end of the show, I also review the 5 ways that you’re simultaneously paid as a real estate investor, culminating in an ROI of 41%. Think it sounds impossible? I add it up for you. Most people just don't know how to calculate returns.

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Listen to this week’s show and learn:

01:52  I share my recent real estate problems with you - eviction, homeless squatters.

04:27  “Setting the tone” with your Property Manager.

08:55  Darren Weeks interview begins.

12:57  Paying seminar fees.

14:24  Tips for real estate investing outside your home area.

21:10  Entrepreneurs investing in real estate.

25:30  Mutual funds haven’t created wealth for anybody.

27:22  Raising capital from others for deals.

30:30  Low-pressure sales tactics.

33:41  Are you “qualified” to raise money from other investors?

35:52  A confused mind won’t buy. People only buy from you if they trust you and like you.

37:55  Surprisingly, teacher and dentist conventions are a source of deal funding.

39:48  United States vs. Canadian real estate investing. 30-year fixed rates vs. 5-year.

42:54  The 5 Ways You’re Paid In Real Estate Investing.

45:46  Canada does not have a Capital Gains-Tax Deferral equivalent like the U.S.’s 1031 Exchange.

47:20  I finally have a 1-on-1 Wealth Coaching recommendation. Learn more at   

Resources Mentioned:

Darren Weeks - Amazon

Black Rifle Coffee Company

Valhalla Wealth

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