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#165: Overcome the fear of quitting your job and replacing it with passive income from real estate investing.

Avoid these mistakes before you quit your job. I discuss some mindsets that you should adopt before you quit (if you even want to). I open up to you and tell you how I felt and what I thought about quitting my job.

Time vs. money - which one is more important? I give a clear answer. People fear future poverty. That’s one reason why most choose money over time. We discuss which one makes you happier - more money or more time.

You learn how to measure your wealth. If you don’t have the time, we discuss how to “find the time”. I’ve learned that most people want freedom more than money.

There is a solution to life’s money vs. time conundrum that few seem to mention - passive income.

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Listen to this week’s show and learn:

01:19  Why time is more important than money.

05:12  A research study found that 64% preferred money over time. But those that preferred time were happier.

06:44  Passive income solves the money vs. time conundrum.

08:09  How to measure your wealth.

09:20  I relate my experience of quitting my job. Overcoming fear.

14:14  Buying time rather than selling it.

18:47  Employees haul water buckets. Investors and entrepreneurs build pipelines.

21:04  How car commuting keeps you poor.

24:33  The types of people I gravitate toward.

26:59  The Pareto Principle.

29:26  Finding the time.

31:17  Most want freedom more than money.

32:16  Options vs. obligations.

33:30  After 3+ years of continuity, I tell you why I changed the show introduction.

Resources Mentioned:

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