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#169: If you want profit, your real estate’s rent income-to-purchase price ratio matters most. I reveal the top five cities for this vital ratio.

I discuss how the media often gets real estate investing wrong. I talk about how to handle your relationship with your Property Manager.

Renters have conventionally been young, single, less educated, and low to middle income. You’ll learn about how quickly this is changing. When did renters get so old?

Of all product types, more renters are demanding to rent single-family homes rather than other product types.

Later, Get Rich Education listener Jacob Ayers stops by to chat with me. He hosts The Real Estate Way To Wealth And Freedom podcast. GRE is the first podcast that Jacob ever heard; now he’s on the show.

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Listen to this week’s show and learn:

01:04  Top 5 cities with the best ratio of rent income-to-purchase price.

05:03  How the media gets real estate investing wrong.

06:50  Your Property Manager.

11:28  Tenant demographics.

13:26  Surging rental demand for single-family homes.

17:58  I’m soon going on a Florida real estate tour.

21:16  GRE Listener Jacob Ayers chat begins.

23:59  Following money vs. making money follow you.

25:25  Jacob’s first rental property cost just $25,000 in western Oklahoma.

28:33  Jacob’s first mistake involved tenant screening.

30:57  Tips for RE investors with a full-time job.

32:25  Jacob encourages you to get started.

35:47  Live where you want; invest where the numbers make sense.

37:33  Jacob now hosts his own podcast.

Resources Mentioned:

Article: Best Markets For RE Investors

Article: Should You Rent Or Buy Your Home?

Podcast: The Real Estate Way To Wealth And Freedom

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