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#178: The media - a FOX News Anchor - asks me about Get Rich Education wealth-building principles.

Rather than asking questions, I’m the one being interviewed here.

I tell the interviewer why getting your money to work for you will NOT create wealth.

In real estate, I tell you why your ROI typically goes down after Year One.

How to calculate a real estate rate of return; the differences between poor, middle class, and wealthy; being bold; increasing income, and more is discussed.

The interviewer, Clayton Morris, is an experienced real estate investor himself.

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Listen to this week’s show and learn:

03:48  Interview with longtime Fox News Anchor, Clayton Morris begins.

05:00  Be bold.

07:26  Increase income. This is available to anybody - no certification or degree needed.

11:56  My first four-plex, bought for $295,000 in 2002.

14:25  Self management vs. professional management.

16:30  Leverage.

19:01  Why it’s a good time to be a RE investor.

20:39  Lower middle class neighborhoods.

26:42  How RE investors actually get paid five ways simultaneously.  

39:32  Why your ROI typically goes down after Year One.

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