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#183: There is an asset type where you can get both cash flow and have the peaceable enjoyment of the premises yourself.

Most people regret buying vacation property because they’ve either found that: 1) They don’t use it often. 2) They’re managing it as a rental to others. 3) They bought a timeshare.

Imagine being able to buy tropical beach property in Placencia, Belize: it’s closer to most of the U.S. than Hawaii, with warmer water than Hawaii, and at low prices like Hawaii had decades ago.

Buy vacation property that provides you with monthly cash flow, is in an up-and-coming place, and is turnkey-managed.

Sometimes you must ask: “What’s my Return On Life?”

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Listen to this week’s show and learn:

03:46 One special world place with enormous opportunity.

06:39 Trends and indicators of new real estate development.

09:11 Placencia, Belize.

13:42 Infrastructure, existing development, geography, amenities.

18:10 Property construction on tropical islands.

20:09 Utilities.

22:44 Turnkey-management detail.

27:10 Safety and security.

29:10 Minimum investment is $50K.

32:05 Investor tour.

38:23 Cave tubing, waterfall, beaches, community, islands

40:58 Book a tour & meet me. I’ll be there July 20th to 23rd, and again Sept. 6th To 9th, 2018. Get started at www.GetRichEducation/Belize.

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GRE Book: 7 Money Myths


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