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#184: Higher interest rates are obviously bad for real estate investors that make new purchases.

Few realize that higher interest rates often translate into HIGHER housing prices. How could that be true? I explain.

MacroWatch’s Richard Duncan joins us. He tells us why interest rates are likely to rise substantially in coming years.

Learn why low inflation pushes down interest rates and why high interest rates cool an economy.

Also learn why the U.S. is now destroying billions of dollars every month, and tariffs’ effect on interest rates.

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Listen to this week’s show and learn:

02:13 How higher interest rates translate to higher home prices.

10:05 Decades ago, how Richard knew lower interest rates we coming in the early 2000s.

12:23 Why low inflation pushes down interest rates.

13:27 Higher interest rates cool an economy.

15:35 Why long-term interest rates could be pushed substantially higher.

19:06 Quantitative Easing ended. Quantitative Tightening has begun.

21:58 Tariffs and the looming “Trade War”.

25:16 Reversing globalization can increase inflation and interest rates.

26:26 Why fixed-rate mortgages are better than adjustables.

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