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#189: If an income property is so good, why would anyone sell it to you? You get answers.

I tell you how long it took me to quit my day job to replace it with passive income.

Single-family income properties vs. apartment buildings are compared.

Invest in a growing place. Florida keeps growing due to: affordable housing, warmth, coasts, and it’s the only income tax-free state east of the Mississippi River.

The Orlando, Florida area has grown 20%+ in just the last decade.

Turnkey RE investing means that a property is: 1) Already rehabbed.  2) Tenanted. 3) Under Management. 4) Produces income from Day One.

$80-$150K, 36-month avg. tenant duration, 1.8% property tax, rent-to-price ratio ~0.9%.  

Areas north of Orlando work best. Some areas to the south have economies more dependent on fickle tourism.

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Listen to this week’s show and learn:

01:14 I discuss how long it took me to quit my day job.

02:51 Single-family income properties vs. apartment buildings.

10:34 Why Florida grows at a phenomenal rate.

16:11 Two incomes doesn’t have to mean “both parents work”.

18:02 Definition of “turnkey”.

19:25 Pros and cons to turnkey RE investing.

22:02 Communication with investors.

24:52 Submarket selection.

26:35 The numbers.

31:24 If the property is so good, why would anyone sell it to you?

33:42 Housing demand far outstrips supply.

36:00 Older tenant demographic in central Florida.

38:16 Bulk and standardized materials.

39:35 Get the Orlando Investor Report at:

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