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#193: If you raise the rent, these deadly mistakes will make your tenant move out.

Learn how to effectively raise the rent in a way that makes your tenant stay. Rent escalators.

You learn how to leverage your rent hikes.

I review exactly what to include and exclude from your Notice Of Rent Increase Letter.

Where do I get my investing and real estate information from anyway? I tell you.

ATTOM Data Solutions’ Daren Blomquist reveals the exact city where Amazon is most likely to locate their second headquarters (HQ2) based on their research.

Flipping activity can be predictive of “up-and-coming" neighborhoods.

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Listen to this week’s show and learn:

01:42 You can leverage rent raises!

04:21 Mistakes to avoid in rent hikes.

07:01 Steps to raise the rent properly. Rent escalators.

10:36 Notice Of Rent Increase Letter.

15:55 Daren Blomquist Interview begins.

16:42 Amazon HQ2.

23:59 Neighborhood grading.

27:57 Flipping activity can predict "up-and-coming" neighborhoods.

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