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#199: He thought this show was dumb, debt was bad.

He originally listened to laugh rather than for financial education.

In 2009, Get Rich Education (GRE) listener Dustin Jones suffered a personal bankruptcy as a result of high real estate commercial debt tied to properties with declining value.

His goal was to be debt-free by age 40.

In 2015, that all changed when he began listening to Get Rich Education.

He learned that financially-free beats debt-free.

Now Dustin embraces debt again by strategically turning equity into cash flow.

He has $781,000 in debt, and hopes to have $1.1M to $1.2M by year-end. Isn’t that counterintuitive?

It’s a fascinating story of tragedy, resilience, learning, strength, and self-belief with remarkable Michigan-based GRE listener Dustin Jones.


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Listen to this week’s show and learn:

03:47 Building a real estate portfolio in Flint, MI.

05:48 Declining property values and rent incomes.

08:46 Bankruptcies.

09:36 Calling notes due generally doesn’t happen on performing, residential loans.

12:52 Dustin thought debt was dumb.

13:56 Finding GRE in 2015 and laughing at how it first sounded like nonsense.

19:00 Applying abundant concepts.

21:33 Buying 5 properties in Houston, Memphis, and Montgomery. $1,250 cash flow.

25:46 Dustin’s other investments.

27:47 Pitfalls with providers, inspections.

32:28 Meet Dustin and I in-person Sept. 6th to 9th! Learn more at:

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