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#200: Discover your “why” in life and real estate.

You should have a selfish why and an altruistic why in real estate investing.

I summarize today’s economy and asset values: GDP growth, real estate, stocks, interest rates, cryptocurrency, oil, dollar, precious metals, The Fed.

As a Forbes writer, I’m going on offense, not defense.

You hear the audio clip: “7 Minutes To A Wealthy Mindset”.

Enjoy this milestone 200th Episode - the Bicentennial Installment of GRE!


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Listen to this week’s show and learn:

00:52 Up and down market cycles.

02:02 You live a great life.

04:33 Your “why”.

10:02 Why I’ll never paint a wall or mow a lawn again.

14:58 Programming changes.

16:07 Today’s economy, GDP, asset values.

25:12 At Forbes, I’m going on offense, not defense.

26:52 Audio clip: “7 Minutes To A Wealthy Mindset” video.

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