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#207: I am a spender. Our guest is a saver. Spenders defer financial wealth. Savers defer quality of life.

This interview takes a sweeping turn when our guest tells us he’s “very frugal”, because I’m not.

Hear my “The Spender vs. The Saver” commentary in the last ten minutes of the show.

The creator of one of the world’s most successful real estate investing apps, Anton Ivanov and the DealCheck app, joins us today.

I’ve used myself. It’s great, and free. For 25% off the optional premium upgrade, use Discount Code GRE25OFF.

From his San Diego homebase, Anton has grown his nationwide portfolio to 35 units and $11K of monthly cash flow.

He owns in Kansas City, Birmingham, and Atlanta.

The Spender vs. The Saver: there is no right or wrong. This is why it is called PERSONAL finance.


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Listen to this week’s show and learn:

02:05 Infographic: 5 Ways Real Estate Investors Get Paid.

04:43 Anton Ivanov’s investor story: duplex, turnkeys, apartments.

19:35 The Spender vs. Saver.

31:18 DealCheck phone app: analyze cash flow, cap rate, CCR, etc. Integrates with MLS. It’s free.

For 25% off a premium upgrade, use Discount Code GRE25OFF

39:21 My commentary: The Spender vs. The Saver.

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DealCheck app: Code GRE25OFF

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Turnkey RE:


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GRE Book:

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