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#216: Hands-on real estate has its risks and rewards vs. passive investment.

Learn about “scaling up” your portfolio into larger buildings.

If you desire to build a large new construction project, you need financing, investors, contractors, and a team. Don’t do it alone.

How do you afford all this? You can ethically take a Developer Fee for yourself.

Our guest, Victor Menasce and I discuss the mindsets and actions around 10-plexes up to 200-unit properties.

We also discuss: buying property on a corner, commercial financing, elevators & parking, new construction vs. rehabs, foundation issues, and mistakes to avoid when “going big”.


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Listen to this week’s show and learn:

04:18 Victor Menasce Interview begins.

06:27 Commercial financing qualification.

09:10 Refinancing your existing residential property into commercial loans.

12:06 Operating 10-plex to 12-plexes.

14:59 Corner properties.

17:18 Adding elevators and parking.

22:59 How do you afford all this?

26:55 Building your team.

33:55 Underwriters vet your Property Manager.

35:45 Foundation issues.

37:49 ROI = Return On Involvement

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Mortgage Loans:

Cash Flow Banking:

Turnkey RE:


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