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#224: The legendary Jim Rogers tells you about a recession, the economy, interest rates, residential & agricultural real estate, inflation vs. deflation and more.

Jim Rogers co-founded The Quantum Fund, has his own commodities index, own ETF, and is one of the most influential business and investing moguls of our time.

He tells us interest rates will go much higher. Lock in your debt now.

Why inflation will win over deflation.

Wall Street is coming to an end. He tells you why.

Jim loves agricultural real estate. See our provider at

I ask: “What should today’s young person do?”


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Listen to this week’s show and learn:

04:15 The place to be was London 200 years ago, NYC 100 years ago, Asia today.

06:12 Interest rates will go much higher.

09:38 Inflation vs. deflation.

12:33 Recession.

14:40 Real estate, agriculture.

18:06 Wall Street is coming to an end.

21:25 What won’t change?

24:35 Coffee, water.

27:54 “What should today’s young person do?”

30:12 Korea.

34:48 Interview summary.

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