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#228: Is Trump’s real estate wealth self-made or inherited? You get surprising answers.

Also learn about property hold time, equity flipping, cap rates, health insurance, a mastermind group.

How long should you hold onto an investment property? Short answer is 8 years.

Generally, sell when you have at least 15% more equity than your contemplated replacement.

“Equity flipping” is a term that I introduce to you today.

Don’t flip property, flip equity. This increases your velocity of money.

Learn all about Cap Rates.

Cap Rate is income divided by price. Cap Rates are driven by supply and demand.

Cap Rate excludes financing because you brought a mortgage to a property, the property didn’t come with the mortgage.

Learn about health insurance for entrepreneurs.

Next month on the show: Robert Kiyosaki, Tom Wheelwright, and Ken McElroy will all be here for “Rich Dad Month”.


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