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Keep your debt. Get financially-free instead.

We’re talking about good debt. Retiring your debt often means you can’t retire yourself.

Home equity is:

  1. Unsafe.
  2. Illiquid.
  3. Has zero rate of return.


So then, why have so much equity in any one property?

Back in The Great Depression Era, banks could call your loan due-in-full anytime. They can’t do that today.

Don’t fear mortgages. Embrace them; even collect them!

Every dollar that goes into mortgage principal paydown is a dollar that you didn’t invest.

Separating equity from your home gives you more dollars to invest, not save.

Paying down your mortgage INCREASES your foreclosure risk. Most think the opposite is true.

Have a lot of home equity? Treat it as you like. But you probably have more dollars to invest than you think.

So what’s the formula? Consider keeping low equity positions in many cash-flowing investment properties.


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