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Jim Rickards is our guest today.

Debt is growing faster than the economy. 

In an eventual financial crisis, we discuss how a real estate investor will fare. 

A prolific author, Aftermath is Jim Rickards’ new book.

Debt, inflation, and interest rates are macroeconomic forces that affect you daily. 

The U.S. has $23 trillion in debt. Why can’t we just keep kicking the “debt can” down the road?

Alexander Hamilton effectively created the debt 230 years ago.

When the debt-to-GDP ratio exceeds 90%, problems occur. It’s 103% in the U.S. today.

We discuss debt solutions, and why negative interest rates and Trump tax cuts won’t work.

Rickards says inflation has nothing to do with money supply; it’s about psychology.

Learn how a new international monetary system looks - outside the U.S. dollar.

In a new system, hard assets retain value. Stocks and bonds lose substantial value.


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