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#27: Mark Podolsky tells Get Rich Education how he produces cash flow from raw land.

Listen to this week’s show and learn:

02:05  Residential property management, fees, and an operations example at Keith’s 11-plex apartment building.

06:51  The classic professional management vs. self-management debate.

07:47  Mark Podolsky’s model eliminates the need for any property management at all.

09:57  Mark Podolsky interview begins and he explains his business model.

15:10  How to find out when & where land auctions are.

16:28  An example of how to structure a cash flowing raw land deal.

18:06  Why you can buy others’ raw land for pennies on the dollar.

19:29  How to identify the best land parcels.

25:45  How to start with essentially zero money.

28:11  What one needs to know before starting.

30:02  Mark’s big mistake.


Resources mentioned:

The Best Passive Income Model podcast

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