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Deflation is occurring before long-term inflation is expected. 

When people stop buying things, manufacturers can’t charge enough, so they stop making products. This results in more layoffs. 

Our national debt is $26 trillion. It’s doubtful that it will ever be repaid. This is why The Fed must inflate. has provided our listeners with more cash-flowing property than anyone.

They’ve renovated 2,600+ homes in Memphis, TN and Little Rock, AR. They then place a tenant and manage the property for you.

In the pandemic, renters prefer single-family homes over apartments.

What makes Memphis so resilient? Shipping, distribution, transportation, medical.

Memphis’ rental sweet spot is $660 - $990 for this class of property. Sale price: $60K - $95K. These are decent homes. I’ve been inside them with both guests.

In 2009, Memphis saw no rent drops or occupancy drops.

Last year, they expanded into Little Rock, Arkansas.

You can start with a Memphis home for just $14K-$19K with down payment and closing costs. Expect a wait list. This reputable, longtime provider is popular. 

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