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How would you value a four-plex in bitcoin?

The world’s largest cryptocurrency, bitcoin, needs more stable pricing to gain faith for widespread currency use.

Crypto pros: Generational, international, blockchain, increasing faith.

Crypto cons: Security, not widely accepted, short history, volatile, government intervention fear, no price bottom.

Learn the pros and cons of buying rehabbed & tenanted turnkey property vs. doing it all yourself. Find property here:

Three big reasons people don’t invest in real estate:

  1. They don’t understand the rates of return.
  2. They don’t know about turnkey real estate.
  3. Many think you must be a flipper or landlord.

Turnkey pros: Save time & hassle, leverage economies of scale, leverage professionals, geo-diversification. 

Turnkey cons: Higher initial cost, risk of suspicious pre-placed tenants. 

I explain why it’s best to own properties in 3 to 5 different markets from

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