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Today’s guest reveals how he gets $10,755 of monthly cash flow with four SFHs. They’re long-term rental tenants.

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I tell you why a man with $20 million of debt is a financial winner, making analogies to Brett Favre and Cy Young.

Ryan Chaw of Sacramento, CA joins us. A full-time pharmacist, he’s age 29, on track to retire from real estate income by age 31.

Unusually, he invests in California single-family homes (SFHs). It’s not an area known for cash flow. 

He rents them to carefully-screened college students. He self-manages, but hasn’t visited his properties in over a year.

In areas like Stockton, CA, he gets $3,000 rent from a $300K SFH.

Ryan uses his “PRIME” Method: Placement of ads, Review applicants’ social media, Identify tenant type, Measure responsiveness, and Ensure proof of income.  

He has 17 tenants in four SFHs. 

Ryan gets money for down payments with his W-2 job. He also uses a HELOC to reset his leverage and create arbitrage.

He travels the world too. He won’t delay all gratification.

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