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The Fed is about to unleash a tidal wave of liquidity that you probably don’t know about.

I was recently at my favorite Mexican takeout restaurant. It was the first time they began asking for tips. This is inflation. It is likely not measured in CPI or Core PCE.

Richard Duncan from MacroWatch joins us to discuss how the coming monetary tsunami will stoke asset prices. 

This can continue the “price runup party” in real estate, stocks, crypto, and other assets.

Key learning: The Fed changes inflation policy when they see wage price growth, not commodity price growth.

Inflation won’t be high enough to cause interest rates to rise anytime soon.

We know that the Fed currently creates $120B per month. What few know about is the new, simultaneous $900B that the Fed is releasing from their Treasury General Account by the end of June. 

More currency + monetary velocity = inflation? No. Richard says there’s more to it, like credit expansion.

The newly passed $1.9T American Rescue Plan, plus a new Biden-proposed multi-trillion dollar infrastructure bill could stoke inflation in the short to medium-term. Richard does not believe high inflation is sustainable long-term. 

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Though consumer price inflation should stay low, a lot of asset price inflation should continue.

Richard also reveals a scenario where interest rates could decline.

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