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A shipping container costs less than $5,000. Why doesn’t America build more housing with them?

Gregg Cohen of JWB Real Estate Capital in Jacksonville, FL reveals how their 18-unit shipping container apartment complex created financial loss.

The shipping container apartments are 320 square feet each.

Learn about: what a vertically integrated company is, build-to-rent homes, turnkey real estate, the pros and cons of shipping container housing, permitting, and zoning constraints. 

Making shipping containers livable adds expense: windows, heating, cooling, electricity, water, ventilation and fire safety. 

JWB blew their budget! $1.3M budget vs. $2M reality. 

Gregg estimates that shipping container building costs them 20-30% more than conventional wood frame construction.

Their non-pandemic rent collection = 98.5%

In-pandemic rent collection worst = 97%

2020 rent collection total = 98%

JWB has available inventory of Jacksonville income property now - during the housing supply crisis. How can they do that? He tells us.

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