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Learn the housing price level every year from 1963 to present with an entertaining retrospective - from $18K to $372K.

Top takeaways over time: 1) Real estate usually goes up. 2) Real estate does not always go up.

Housing rents and prices often correct toward each other.

Home prices are rising globally. The highest: Turkey, New Zealand, Luxembourg, and Slovakia. Some of the lower rises are in East Asia.

Canadians can hardly believe that Americans get 30-year fixed rate mortgages, 1031 Like-Kind Exchange.

Redfin CEO Glenn Kelman believes that high housing demand is cooling off and the market is normalizing.

Building a home has never been more expensive.

I cover a case study for you about how new-build Boise single-family ranch homes had a sale price increase of $472K up to $747K over the last two years.

Your tenant is probably doing better this year than last. Unemployment is down to 5.8%.

Rent amounts are more stable than home prices.

I draw the line. Current rent vs. own dividing lines are 0.7% RV ratio and $250K purchase price.

You can still find decent $100K - $150K properties in: Memphis, Little Rock, Cincinnati and Dayton

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Median New House Prices (Census, HUD):

Bloomberg: Global Home Price Rise:

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