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#36: Keith’s 8-plex has had its share of problems and opportunities since he bought it two years ago. See how he views a property with an “investor’s eyes.” Learn to avoid problems.


Listen to this week’s show and learn:


01:27  A blogger calls Keith the “anti-Dave Ramsey.”


04:44  The only “problem” with having millions of dollars in debt? It's wanting more.


06:48  Problems and operations at Keith’s 8-plex building.


13:20  The trade-offs of owning a large lot along with an apartment building.


17:38  Adding income to your property by leasing space to a cell phone tower provider.


20:57  Big problems with the building’s water well.


31:44  A major maintenance item needed repair. Not all building repairs provide the same returns.


34:45  The 8-plex’s appreciation over two years is a 43% gain on the down payment, amplified with leverage.


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