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With higher property prices, what rent-to-value ratio makes sense today? I answer this thoroughly.

Lower RVs make sense today due to: lower interest rates, new-build properties, the timing of equity harvesting and more.

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Tom Wheelwright joins us to help you reduce your property tax and cryptocurrency tax. 

Learn why some states have higher property tax than income tax or vice versa - CA, TX, NY, NJ, AK, and more.

Many property tax professionals only get paid based on how much they reduce your property tax.

Learn what works in actually getting your property tax reduced: comparables.

In cryptocurrency, you are taxed on either a sale or an exchange - not just a sale. For example, if you trade bitcoin for ethereum, you have a tax consequence.

If you buy a $3 cup of coffee with crypto, that is usually taxed.

Miners of crypto are taxed when they mine it, not only when they sell it.

Crypto is taxed at capital gains tax rates.

Tom does not believe that crypto will be outlawed in the US. Rather, it will be regulated through taxation and reporting.

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