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A laid-back lifestyle in a tropical climate typifies “Margaritaville”.

Margaritaville is a popular and flourishing real estate brand. There’s also short-term rental income stream for you here.

A new location is opening in Belize. It is closer to more of the US than Hawaii, and with warmer water. 

It has the largest reef in the hemisphere, good for snorkeling, diving, and fishing. 

This under-construction project has Caribbean beachfront.

The partners with the development are the largest private employer in Belize and the nation’s largest law firm.

Learn more about owning a Margaritaville villa in Belize at:

My guest & I discuss the lifespan of tourist locales. They emerge with visits from young backpackers. Later in the cycle, once “discovered”, it matures into visits from affluent tourists.

This is a rare opportunity for an everyday investor to partner with a strong brand - Margaritaville.

You can own a villa, use it for a few weeks a year, and rent it out for the remainder of the year. You can leverage Margaritaville’s STR management partner.

Prices start in the low $200Ks.

Real estate contracts are brief and written in English. In Belize, you don’t need title insurance. The government backs all titles. 

In-person tours are available and encouraged. Our show guest really wants to show you Belize.

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