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We compare the safety of all these investments: cash, savings accounts, treasuries, CDs, gold, cryptocurrency, stocks, mutual funds, ETFs, raw land, a primary residence, and income properties.

Listen to a mainstream media video clip about inflation from NBC Nightly News.

We get a Florida market update from

Overall housing supply is low. It’s even lower for entry-level properties.

For renovated properties, Florida insurance premiums have risen dramatically in the past few years. However, for new-builds, premiums are about 70% lower.

These particular available properties in Palm Bay, FL are typically: 4 BR, 2 BA, 2-car garage, concrete block, single-family rentals, new-build, vinyl flooring, granite counters, and infill quarter-acre lots. $319,000 is what buyers pay. 

Today, these properties appear to appraise for $370,000+. You have $51K+ of built-in equity.

For those that select property at, your insurance is paid for the first year. 

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