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Is today’s housing market healthy? “Yes” for rental property owners, existing homeowners, and sellers. “No” for renters, wannabe first-time home buyers.

“Unbalanced” is a better word to describe today’s housing market.

I bought my first income property 20 years ago today.

In negotiation, emotions trump facts.

Chris Voss, former FBI hostage negotiator, joins us for real estate negotiation tips. 

If you need a decision from someone, get it in the morning before they have decision fatigue.

In a negotiation, try to get agreement. Don’t try to get the other party to say “yes”.

Chris likes to let the other side talk first.

Let “no” out slowly. A great way to say it is, “How am I supposed to do that?”

Self-deprecating humor can work in negotiation.

Learn how to motivate people to finish projects in a timely fashion for you.

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