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#41: Have you run out of money to buy investment real estate?


Russell Gray describes how you can pool other people’s money for a down payment on investment property.


You profit when you provide value to your investors. It’s called real estate syndication.


Listen to this week’s show and learn:


05:12  Real Estate Syndication defined.


09:18  Why syndicate?


12:00  Do you need to be “qualified” to be a syndicator? No.


15:40  Low pressure tactics to attract investors to your deal.


18:32  Remarkably, you’ll often discover that it’s easier to find investors’ money for your deal than finding the real estate to match it.


25:03  How you make money as a real estate syndicator.


30:47  How syndicators spend their time, and pitfalls you must avoid.


37:47  Donald Trump’s story. How much money you can really make as a syndicator?


42:20  Next month’s powerful Secrets Of Successful Syndication Event, August 21-22 in Dallas, TX.


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