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Is the economy healthy or unhealthy?

We’ve had two consecutive quarters of GDP contraction. High inflation and supply problems persist. On the other hand, we have a strong jobs market, low unemployment, and high rent increases.

Ultimately, the NBER decides whether or not we’re in a recession.

Today’s guest, Tom Wheelwright of Wealthability, tells us why he thinks we’re in a recession. 

I share with you the exact rent increase numbers I’ve had on my rental single-family homes.

Historically, a recession occurs every five years, on average.

Whether we’re there yet or not, I believe there’s a likelihood of a recession soon.

Tom thinks whether or not a recession is declared is important; it affects consumer sentiment.

He breaks down the new “Inflation Reduction Act”. It does not appear to help reduce inflation. 

Rather, it appears that it will: increase union wages, enact climate change policy, add taxes to pharmaceuticals, hurt small business, and increase IRS enforcement.

“People who have never seen an IRS audit will see IRS audits.” -Tom Wheelwright

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