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You told yourself you’d change the world, then you let the world change you.

Rather than asking yourself, “What do I want out of life?”, a more powerful question is: “What does life want from me?”

Almost everyone wants to be “job optional”. 

People often use their words to denigrate the importance of money, yet their actions validate its importance.

High-flying real estate appreciation rates are mostly over with. The market is normalizing.

Through Q2, national median home price appreciation is 14%. But it's quickly slowing.

American apartment rent-to-income ratio is 23% for tenants.

Zumper tells us there’s about 10.2% national rent appreciation. Highest are TN and NC.

We have available properties in the Midwest and South. Naresh & I spotlight Poinciana, FL; Ocklawaha, FL; and Memphis. 

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