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Homebuilder confidence is low. I talk to one today. Then, learn how a home is built.

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After discussing the best place to invest today, learn how a home is actually built.

Learn how a home is built: zoning, land acquisition, permitting, engineering, drainage, clearing & grubbing, adding earth fill, soil compaction, trenching, adding sanitary systems, stormwater system, lift station, conduit, electrical, foundation, slab-on-grade, plumbing, framing, block, roof truss.   

Homebuilder confidence is low among those that sell to owner-occupants. That’s due to higher mortgage interest rates. 

Among homebuilders that sell to investors, it’s better. Why? Higher rates mean higher rents.

Tenant demand for fourplexes is strong. In inflation and a possible recession, more people must live frugally.

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