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Are you a quitter? Today’s show can make that feel aspirational. Quit a job you hate for the work you love.

Author of “The Quitter’s Manifesto” and GoBundance Founder, Tim Rhode, joins me today.

For context on quitting your job, start with the I/O Quotient.

The Soul Sucking Meter: Are you being paid enough? Are you respected? Are you a good cultural fit at your workplace? How does it feel when you wake up to go to work? Could you do your job for decades? 

I quit my job for two main reasons: 1) Try it. 2) Be irreplaceable.

Tim describes that quitting your job is like catching the next trapeze. 

Want growth? Try something new and scary. You did this as a kid. For example, when you were 11 years old, you swam in water over your head. 

Take out a home equity loan before quitting your job. Put those funds into another bank. This builds your financial cushion during a lifestyle change.

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